Monday, August 14, 2006

PPD 16

I've been on vacation for the last few days, hence the lack of PPD action since last week. I guess next time I'll have to post a notice ahead of time to forestall whining on the parts of certain of my coworkers, who I would name except that it would be in violation of corporate blogging policy :) Anyway...

This is part of a private school complex in East Denver. Lots of cool buildings, but this one is by far the neatest. Not a super-cool picture, but I still like it, partially because of the crow that chose to perch on it at an opportune moment. There was actually a very close runner-up to this photo in which I caught the crow flying away. I promised not to post more than one per day, and I certainly won't repeat an almost-identical shot, but if you click on this link it's not my fault... :)

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Taken: Sunday, August 6th

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