Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Fourteeners

I made it to the top of my first two peaks over 14,000 feet (14'ers) yesterday, Grays and Torreys. Although they're considered two of the easiest such peaks in Colorado, it was still a tough hike. But at least I've checked off a box on my "Colorado List."

I tried to hike Evans a few years ago but didn't make it to the top. I think the difference this time was Nick Harris and Brian Collins keeping me on a reasonable pace. Thanks guys!



More photos here.

PS. Unlike most people, I actually pick up pennies when I find them on the street. I usually get made fun of for it too. But damned if I didn't find a penny in the middle of that rock field halfway up Torrey's. What are the odds?

PPS. Nick's Pics

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Upcoming Biking Events

There are a couple great biking events coming up in Denver in July. If anyone is planning to go to either of them drop me a line.

July 19th is the Moonlight Classic. We did this one last year, and it was a blast. It's not a race at all, more like a really big group ride. Last year I was a bit too goal oriented, so we got through the race very quickly. This year the plan is to hopefully have more people, take it slower, and have a good time. I noticed that a lot of people turned it into a barhopping excursion, which might be fun. Drinking and biking around at night, what could possibly go wrong?

July 27th is the Urban Assault Race (in Denver - they go to other cities including Minneapolis, Madison and Chicago). We've done this two years now, and it's been a blast both times. It very definitely is a bike race, but with lots of goofy checkpoint activities thrown in, and some scavenger-hunt trivia games thrown in as well. If you're good at the checkpoint challenges you can definitely make up for less-than-stellar biking ability. You need a partner for this one, so plan ahead.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Oh no, carnivorous tree!

(If you don't get it, check out If you still don't get it, don't ask.)

down to a nubbin

A chalk artist running his pastel down to a nubbin... probably like everyone's patience with all these chalk art photos. :)

But I just can't stop, so here's a few more, really tiny. But you can click them to see the full size.

Friday, June 13, 2008


From the children's area of the Piazza del Arte festival. I bet her parents are still finding chalk marks on their car seats.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chalk One Up for Art

Last weekend was the Larimer Square Piazza del'Arte. That sounds pretty uppity though - I prefer to call it the Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival, although that a misnomer since it's neither on the sidewalk nor confined to just chalk.

It's amazing what these artists can do on such a rough canvas as Larimer Street. At least put downon a base layer of water-soluble paint to give a better background. Other just put down huge amounts of chalk.

It's really a great show and free to boot. If you live in the area, you should definitely check it out. I've gone for the last three years in a row and haven't been disappointed yet. In fact, I'll even close with a few photos from last year's show.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008