Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evening at City Park

I got home tonight and just couldn’t sit inside. It’s just too damn nice out there! The perfect temperature where you don’t need a jacket, but don’t start sweating immediately. And of course the ever perfect lack of humidity and mosquitoes that I love about Denver.

Thus, a bike ride around City Park. It turned out there was a pretty good sunset too. I didn’t take the camera, but did take the new phone. That little camera actually does a pretty solid job! Good work HTC.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Back Home

We just got back last night. Back from what? Road Trip 2010 of course! This year’s destination was New Orleans (or the Garden of Eatin’, as I’ve come to call it), which led to over 3200 miles of driving through eight different states. Along the way we visited cowboy graves in Kansas, dodged zombies and box springs in Memphis, went to a New Orleans zydeco club with a dancin’ German and her husband, stayed at a famous river plantation, checked for oil on the beaches of Louisiana, got up close with a ‘gator in Breaux Bridge, power washed the car in 35 miles of torrential rain near Arklatex, visited the grassy knoll in Dallas, and returned to Colorado under a beautiful cloudy sky only to find a bat in the kitchen sink. And a few more things I forgot to mention.

It’s been a busy trip. More notes, and possibly a few photos, to follow.