Friday, April 13, 2012

Glass on the Sidewalk

As I was opening my blinds this morning I looked out the window at my front yard. Where else was I going to look, really? On the sidewalk right in front of my house I saw this big red splatter, a puddle really, trailing off into the yard. With glass embedded in it. Broken glass, even. None of which was there when I got home, I'm pretty sure.

So, it looks like somebody got into a midnight disagreement. Words failing them, they resorted to violence. And shortly thereafter the integrity of that glass bottle failed, too. None of which was so good for them, and it leaves me with a mess to clean up. So, I pull on my gloves, grab my trusty dustpan and go out to take care of business.

As I'm sweeping up the debris, trying not to slice myself on anything, I happen upon a label. Presumably it's from the bottle that's now scattered around. "Heinz Original Recipe" it says. Which neatly explains that big red puddle, and means the anonymous denizens of the night are bereft of condiments rather than precious bodily fluids. So that's good all around.

These are the perils of living in walking distance from a grocery store. Especially one that gives out flimsy plastic bags.