Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Don't Have Jack

Ah yes, time for another tale of the weird people that live downtown.

I went out for a little jog this afternoon. It would've been a big one except that it was about to rain and I'm too lazy. But anyway, as I was running along a guy stopped me to ask for something. I assumed it was money, because that's happened before (who carries money when jogging?) But not this time. This guy wanted a jack. As in a car jack, to fix the tire on his car.

Now, I was dressed about as you might expect for jogging -- tshirt, workout shorts, shoes. No backpack. No car. No Batman utility belt with a collapsible hydraulic Batmobile jack. I didn't even have pockets, much less any big enough to conceal a car jack. I cannot begin to fathom what this guy was thinking, but there it is.

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