Monday, August 21, 2006

More photos posted

In addition to the PPD postings, I uploaded some new stuff this weekend. First off are some pictures of the twister near DIA on Sunday.

I've also got some pictures Wendy took of our street during that rain/hail storm last week. Yeah, it was a little bit damp out.

I also pulled a bunch of stuff off my old photo site and posted them to the new one. Most of these have been around for a while, so a few of you will have seen them before (ie, Nicki & Wendy. Hi!). But anyone else might have some interest.

As always the really decent stuff is tagged as such. There's also some new random pictures in Stuff. And if you're really trying to avoid work you can even check out some of my
old vacation pictures. But damn, you'd have to be really bored to do that :)


Nicki0731 said...

Is it really wise to take photos of twisters while driving? Glad you are willing to take one for the team to keep me occupied at work! Also happy to see the old stuff posted again. The no motor vehicles sign was always one of my favorite BKR photoshops.

JC said...

Very cool Twister Photos!!!!

BeaKeR said...

Well actually Wendy took those pictures while I was driving. Of course you could still question the wisdom of voluntarily driving towards a twister... :)