Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Newsgator - It's Where You Want To Work

Newsgator has had a number of positions open for a while now. Despite repeated exhortations by management I have so far not posted any of them because I thought I knew everyone that read this little blog of mine and most of them already work for NG. But today I discovered that I've got at least one heretofore unknown lurker (you know who you are!) So on the theory that I might have more, here are those job reqs. If you or anyone you know might be interested in any of these slots, please drop me a line!

DBA for Production Operations
Contract Delphi Developer
ASP.NET Software Engineer
Software Presales Engineer
System Engineer for Production Ops
Web UI Designer

Come on, you know you want to work here. We've got foosball, free soda, free parking and even pretty solid insurance. Plus it doesn't suck like working a crappy IT job for some giant DilbertCo.

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