Wednesday, January 27, 2016

So long, Napalm

Not so long ago we had to let go of our cat, Napalm. He had been with Wendy since he was a little kitten, which was just before we met.

He was about as cute as a kitten could be, all giant paws, bat ears and a consuming lust to chase strings. I remember running him around the living room with a sparkle toy practically nonstop. I still have a shirt that’s full of pulls from his little kitten claws running over it.


He grew up into a good sized cat – almost 20 lbs at his peak. He also got pretty shy at some point. For a while he would barely come near us unless we chased him down.


After a while he got more used to us. He used to sit next to me in bed and purr loudly, trying to get some petting. He always was kind of an idiot though, so he’d be way too far away to pet half the time. Nonetheless, that’s when he got the nickname “Little Buddy Cat”, which was mostly ironic to begin with.


When we moved into a house without air conditioning, we started getting him shaved in the summer to keep cool. Wendy may have taken a few… liberties… with his hairstyles.


Despite the occasional teasing, and no matter how big he got, he was always our Kitten. Farewell, buddy cat.