Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Damn Pennies

I've got a slightly unusual habit of picking up pennies. Not a lot of people bother anymore, presumably because they're practically worthless anymore. Perhaps you could say that's a bit miserly, but I prefer to think that I'm non-prejudiced1. I'll take free money regardless of color. Heck, I'll even pick up the ones that aren't heads-up. It's surprising how many you find around. I probably average about 5 a week. In fact, I picked up two pennies earlier today. (I also picked up a quarter, but that was only because Nick dropped it for me to pick it up.)

So perhaps this habit of mine is why on the way home I happened across this particular penny. I figured I was just having a good day, so I went to snag it. But no, this particular penny is actually embedded into the asphalt of the street, mocking me with it's unobtainability. Damn you penny!

[1] Which is not to say that I don't discriminate. Despite the bad rap that poor word has recieved for the last few decades, the ability to discriminate is essential. Don't believe me? Then I've got a lot of pennies I'd be happy to trade you for some twenties.

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