Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where’s Beakers Brain Been?

I’m sure my loyal fans (all twelve of you) have noticed that the quantity of posts here has fallen waaay off. It’s probably so concerning that you’ve been losing sleep about it. Well wonder no longer! The reason for the dearth of photos is that I’ve been really damn busy for the last, um, year or two.
icon@2xWhat I’ve mostly been busy with is Glassboard. Glassboard is a piece of software that I’ve been working on with a bunch of great folks in our own little quasi-startup software company. It’s been great fun, but there have been more than a few days involving three meals at my desk and walking home in the dark.

Part of the reason this is so fun for me is that Glassboard is one of the first things I’ve worked on that regular people can actually use. It’s a private group messaging app. So think texting without the ridiculous fees, or Facebook without advertisers watching you, or Twitter without the entire internet reading over your shoulder. It’s a great way to keep up to your family, or coworkers, or school group, or people in your soccer league, or people in your gaming guild. It’s even a great way to keep up with all of them at the same time but not have your Mom seeing you talk to your drunken soccer buddies and your coworkers listen to your kids complain about cleaning their rooms.

Honestly, it is pretty cool, and I’m not just talking it up because I worked on it. Come on, do I ever talk something up just because it’s mine? I’m terrible at that and you know it.

Anyway, you should give it a shot. It’s free. We’ve got Android apps, and iPhone apps, and web apps. No Blackberry app though – you guys are trapped in the wrong decade.
So does this mean I’m going to start posting more photos? Well, if it takes off and sells for a billion dollars then I’ll be sure to post photos of my private island. In the meantime, if you need your photo fix join our photo sharing board. Get the the Glassboard app (or go to the website and register), find the place to enter Invitation Codes and put in “photo”

UPDATE: Nick Bradbury put up a great description of how to enter invitation codes in the Android/iPhone apps. And he's got a board with dog photos, if you're into that sort of thing.