Sunday, November 26, 2006

PPD 58

I caught this little guy in the Denver airport on Thanksgiving morning. There were five of them hopping around Terminal C, eating I know not what. This is another one that caused me to get a few odd looks -- there were a couple groups of people that could see me running back and forth with my camera, but couldn't see the birds. I guess they thought I was entranced by the plane or something.

And now, crowd participation time. What would be a good caption for this picture? I've thought of a few...
"I just flew in from New York, and for once my wings aren't tired!"
"Flying is for the birds"
"Security sucks, but it's still better than migrating"
"He got great scores on the pilot exams. They say he's a natural."

I could keep this up all day, but I'll take mercy on you.

Edits: Cropped
Taken: Thursday, November 22nd

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