Thursday, November 02, 2006

Political Meta-commentary

Glenn pointed me at a couple article about the recent blow up over John Kerry's ill-considered remarks.

I don't want to get into talking about Kerry's comments - I think we can all agree that it was a stupid thing to say and that it's all been blown out of proportion. What really amuses me is the bloggers that Glenn linked to.

The Left Coaster bemoans the Republicans habit of changing the topic by attacking their enemies. Then he changes the subject... to attacking his enemies. Good work. I forgot the definition of irony for a second there.

Not to be outdone, The Daily Kos submits a short post about the "wingnut echo chamber bloggers." For those of you who may not know, the "blog echo chamber" is a group of bloggers who just repeat the same thoughts to each other without adding anything. Getting back to the point, the Daily Kos rants about the Republican echo chamber, before proceeding to a list of all the standard anti-Bush talking point... the same ones everyone uses... including The Left Coaster. Wait, which wingnuts are operating the echo chamber again?

I love political commentary. It's always so amusing.


Nicki0731 said...

So you add to the conversation by illustrating that democrats do the same thing they accuse republicans of. Doesn't it go both ways? Or is that the humor that you find in it?
There was a Daily Show this week (Wednesday?) where Jon showed a clip of Bush talking about Kerry and Bush's crowd kept booing until he talked about the 3,000 people that were killed on American soil on September THE 11th. (it is never September 11th, always THE 11th) This made the crowd cheer. Huh? Talk about strange political commentary...
I feel obligated to defend the left, but someone else has already done a better job for me. There was an interesting article on Slate about republicans poisoning politics. My favorite section was:
"Negative Democratic ads tie Republican candidates to President Bush, and to the Iraq war, or accuse them of being in the tank for the oil or pharmaceutical industries. But Democratic ads do not charge that their opponents "prey on our children"—even though one recently resigned following accusations that he did precisely that. One can only imagine the ads Republicans would have made this year if Mark Foley had happened to be a Democrat."

BeaKeR said...

Well, my point was more that the articles were written in a self-contradictory way, rather than trying to make any statement about the politics contained therein.

The do happen to both be left-leaning articles, but that's just because they're what I happened to run across. I don't tend to seek out articles on either side of the fence.

For the record, I'm not really a fan of either party. In the recent state elections, I basically voted for "someone else" (ie, any 3rd party I could find)

nicki0731 said...

I wasn't trying to pick on you, I just like to argue. Wish I wasn't too lazy to start my own blog. I truly feel sorry for those who ARE fans of their party. I think it is more normal to be disgusted by both sides. How can we possibly be responsible, informed voters when the campaign is so ugly and flat out untruthful? Knowledge has flaws, so how do we improve our persepective? If I felt an independent vote would actually change something, I would surely give it my all.