Thursday, November 02, 2006

PPD 51

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I love older buildings because they have so much character and history. Sometimes the outsides of these buildings can give you an idea. Years worth of owners means years worth of changes, additions and repairs. This is especially obvious on the backs of commercial buildings.

This one is in downtown Denver, in the alley betwen Market & Larimer. It looks like it may have had a loading dock at some point, most of the lower back wall is obviously newer, there may have been a door in the lower right, there are dark marks around the windows from I know not what and some new bricks under the lower middle window. It's like a building with wrinkles.

Edits: Stitched, barrel distortion corrected
Taken: Wednesday, November 1st


Gordon said...

I believe that there used to be the 16th St. Viaduct which ran 1 story above street level. You can see an example of this across 16th from the LoDo Tattered Cover where there's a building that used to have a main entrance out onto the viaduct - you see this grand entrance 10 feet above street level.

BeaKeR said...

No kidding... I don't suppose you've got a reference or any info about that?