Thursday, November 16, 2006

Justice in LegoLand

Most people would think this just a picture of a light pole downtown. But a more twisted mind might see something else. Maybe the light looks a bit like a Lego minifig? But minifig heads belong on minifig bodies, why is this one on top of a pole?

The only possibly explanation - the head was impaled on a pike as a warning from the Lego King! An object lesson in what happens to all minifigs who oppose him1 Even freaky custom minifigs.

Yes, I am weird. But admit it, you think it looks like a Lego head too.


Sean Sutherland said...

I've never seen anything so frightening in my life. I've had nightmares with this very kreature in it. Tell me the war hasn't already begun. Tell me that and I will call you LIAR sir!

nicki0731 said...

I will admit no such thing. My first thought was the stay-puff marshmallow man. I know his hat is off center, but the big white face (especially the white pudgieness) of the lamp post screamed ghostbusters to me.
I think your wierdness derives from posting a link to custom minifigs - that was strange.