Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rainy Day

Today is a gray, rainy day in Denver, so I thought I'd post photos from another gray, rainy day from our spring road trip. After New Orleans we headed west through Louisiana towards Breaux Bridge, LA. We had scheduled a swamp tour for the morning, before continuing on towards Texas.

Before we even got on the water we could see thick storm clouds blowing in from the coast. There hadn’t been any lightning, so our guide took us out anyway.

He was a pretty good guide, rambling on about cypress trees, the local wildlife and the ridiculous local politics.

Not too far in we managed to get very close to a gator, almost close enough to touch, before it slide off into the water.


Unfortunately it was only half an hour before we started seeing lightning. None of us liked the idea of sitting on the water in a metal boat during a thunderstorm, so we headed back in. I think everyone was a little disappointed, but overall it was still a nice time.


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Side story: We got a bit turned around finding the tour, so we stopped off at the local tourist information office. The ladies there knew all the local guides and where they launched from. It still took a while to figure out where were supposed to be, because their thick Louisiana accents were a little hard to understand. They finally decided that we probably needed to talk to a Mr…. umm, well it sounded like “Shaum-Pine”. That’s the best I could figure out after 3 or 4 tries, anyway. On our way out the door they found his business card; his last name was spelled “Champagne”, but apparently they pronounce it a bit differently.




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