Friday, October 15, 2010


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Walking down the 16th Street Mall I hear a lot of different music. There are the bars, the street performs, the occasional boombox. Most of it’s pretty standard, unremarkable. The hippie drum circle, the itinerant guitarist, even the bagpipe player isn’t that remarkable anymore. But tonight I caught something remarkable, both in kind and quality. Blues guitar, really good blues guitar, coming out of an alley between Champa and Stout. There was just the one guy down there, with a little amp. But that guy, Brett, played a mean guitar. Not a lot of people are willing to wander into a dirty alley on Friday night, but at one point there were 15 people down there listening to him, and more standing at the mouth of alley. In 30 minutes I’d guess over a hundred people stopped to listen to Brett play. He told me he plays every Friday while it’s warm enough. I’d go have a listen, if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

awesome shot dude. really captures the story. -L

Anonymous said...

Especially good for handheld! WAE

BeaKeR said...


Being able to crank the ISO to 1600 helps. :)