Monday, April 02, 2007

PPD 74

So fat... so very fat... A big fat cat, sitting in a big fat sunshine spot. He really seemed to like it too - he sat still long enough for me to get off my bike, snap seven pictures, and ride away.

Taken: Sunday, April 1st
Edits: Cropped, saturation up


Nicki0731 said...

Yet another reason to promote laser pens as cat toys. Sure they are cruel on many levels, but it keeps cats lean and mean, chasing the light they can never capture. I will have to remind myself that a over-stimulated whiny cat is better than a fat sunbathing cat.

BeaKeR said...

I think I'd rather have a fat sunbathing cat than a whiny one. But in actual fact I've got a fat whiny one -- best of both worlds!

Nicki0731 said...

Our monster only gets super whiny when we DO use the laser pen for awhile. He will seek you out and pester you until you play with the laser pointer. We try to limit his exposure to it, otherwise we end up dealing with the whining every time we try to use ANY sort of pen-looking object.
This cat looks massive. Fat cats give the impression they are cuddly, but I never seem to learn that cats tend to want to snuggle on THEIR terms.
No wonder I am a dog person...