Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Sunday Walk

 Since Sunday was such a nice day here in Denver I took a long walk through downtown. This is a very short of photo journal of a fairly long walk.

Walking north from my house I headed into the Five Points area. It's not exactly the nicest area, so this picture seemed appropriate. Although really it is a bit nicer than this might lead you to believe.

Heading north I came upon this antique truck. It's a pretty truck, but I was mostly amused by an antique truck parked in front of a building with not one but two satellite dishes. Yes, I'm easily amused. (Also, my time at Echostar tells me that one on the balcony is a Dish 500, probably covering the 110 and 119 degree orbital slots, and the one on the roof is a Dish 300 wingdish pointed at 148. Stupid Echostar.)

Further up the block I found this bird's nest "floating in the clouds".

Farther north is a light industrial area around Walnut Street. I like the area because there are some interesting pictures to be taken. Also, there aren't a lot of people around on the weekend, so there are less people looking at me funny for walking down alleys taking pictures of smokestacks and grafitti.

There are a lot of storage lots in the area. This one stored a lot of PVC.

Heading towards downtown there are scattered lofts being developed. This building is being rebuilt, probably to serve the new residents. You can see where a window was bricked up, painted over, and is now being revealed again by the removed paint.

Downtown trivia: there's half a block covered in rusted out, graffiti covered double-decker buses.

Coors Field has acres of parking lots, nearly deserted on a Sunday with no game. The only activity is a teenager using all that empty space to practice driving.

After an interminable trudge across the empty parking lots, I finally ended up downtown across from the Denver Chophouse. The side of the building contains this dedication which, while touching, is oddly placed facing a bus-only entrance ramp you can see in the reflection. There's also some irony to be had in the backwards "Wrong Way" sign reflected in the window.

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