Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Utah Socks

One of the unavoidable downsides of canyoneering in Utah is the sand. There’s just no avoiding it. All my canyon clothes have a slight red tinge to them. Typically it’s not too bad, except that of course you end up with dunes of the stuff in your shoes, and thus lots of sand ground into your socks. I generally rinse mine out in the tub before subjecting the washing machine to that abuse. Here’s the results of rinsing a single pair of socks in the bathtub.

That’s pretty ridiculous, right? You’d think they were made of sand, which I guess they kind of were before the rinse.

Despite that, there’s still more sand in those socks. You never really get it all out. So I have a couple pairs of sacrificial Utah Socks that take the abuse so that other socks may remain clean-ish.

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