Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cowboy Pants Arch (again)

I did manage to talk the mountain biking duo into taking a trip to Cowboy Pants Arch. (I still like that name better than the more-popular “Delicate Arch.” It seems so bland, and really, what’s delicate about 300 tons of sandstone? ) So I got another crack at it, this time with snow on the mountains.
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That place is such a mess at sunset. It’s like a beach party. Once again there were 30+ photographers there, all silently cursing the never-ending stream of people who just have to stand in the middle of the arch.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
After a few minutes of that, some wag yelled out “That’s perfect! We’re glad you could make it, because we all came here to take a photo of you in the arch! And we’re glad there’s a line because we wouldn’t want the arch to be empty before the sun goes down!” (or words to that effect). He got a pretty good laugh – and then the arch pretty much cleared out.

Despite the irony-lashing there were still some people hanging around on the left side of this frame, so I did some Photoshop work there. Very little though - Content-Aware Fill makes it incredibly easy to rub people out. Where'd they go? I don't know. Maybe they're sleeping with the pixels.

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