Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Memphis Zombie Blues

The second day of our trip we managed to escape Kansas. After a brief trip through Oklahoma and a turn onto I-40, our directions simply said "Pass through Arkansas." That's it, for an entire state. And that pretty much sums it up. Sure, we saw some pretty landscape, made a few jokes about stopping off at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library to see if it was anything like what Frank Caliendo said.

Our destination for the day was Memphis. We were only there for an evening and a morning, but it was a heck of a good time. We headed down to the party district, Beale Street and snagged a nice patio table outside BB Kings. After some tasty Memphis barbecue, the place was overrun with the undead!

Through a bit of luck and a lot of good research & planning on Wendy’s part, we were in the perfect spot to catch the Memphis Zombie Massacre. They put on a great show – it was even bigger than Denver’s Zombie Crawl.

Suffice to say we took a photo or two. Thousand. Anyway, I don’t want to go overboard here, but click through to the gallery and there are a ton of zombie photos.

The police seemed unconcerned about the zombie hordes. Unconcerned enough to strike a pose full of attitude, anyway.

Afterwards we wandered Beale Street. It’s a mini-Bourbon Street, minus the porn shops and about 95% of the stench. Most importantly, they do have walk up bars with bigass frozen drinks. Through another luck/research/planning confluence it was the tail end of the Memphis in May music festival. The street was packed with musicians, party people, and street performers.

There was a stage down every alley, or at least every alley we walked down. This particular one had a good blues band (with a keyboard player from Wisconsin!) Part way through the singer you see here came up from the audience and sang a couple songs. She was actually really good! The girl’s got some soul!

At some point we stumbled back to the hotel to prepare for day three of vacation. Yes, I know, at this rate it’ll take me until roughly Halloween to make it through this vacation. I’m trying here, OK? In the mean time, check out some more photos.

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