Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning News

Unlimited free coffee at Einstein’s proved to be too much to resist, so I sipped coffee and read a good chunk of the paper this morning. A few of the interesting tidbits…


Tasty Scotch Ale

Great Divide started brewing a scotch ale not too long ago. Another scotch ale, Old Chub, is one of my personal favorites, so I’ll definitely have to try it. They have a release party on Friday which I will unfortunately not be able to attend.


Nobody Told the DEA

Apparently nobody told the DEA about Colorado’s medical marijuana laws. Or more likely they just don’t care much. Either way, they’re still arresting growers. I don’t really have a dog in the fight, since I’m neither growing nor using the sticky green stuff. But I would think the DEA would have something better to do than start a states’ rights fight.

In related news, the long-abandoned gas station at 20th & Lawrence is being renovated into a dispensary, according to a banner on the front. I wonder if they’ll still sell gas and Twinkies too.


Still Practicing

The military has started to draw down the Haiti relief force. Thus proving that despite what Hugo Chavez may think, we’re not an imperial power. Or maybe we are but we’re just really, really bad at it. Either way, Hugo’s still a jackass.


nicki0731 said...

But the real question remains, did you buy a bagel to enjoy with your free coffee?

BeaKeR said...

Of course, I love me some bagel! And the coffee was not technically free - though at $2.50 for a travel mug and the coffee it was pretty damn close.