Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cusco Local Color

Cusco served as our introduction to the Andean love affair with stairs. Most of the important Inca ruins are in an area called the Sacred Valley. Unsurprisingly, that means there are lots of steep inclines to be found. Although the Incas were quite ingenious they has not gotten around to inventing the escalator, so you end up climbing a lot of stairs.

There are stairs everywhere. Stairs to get to the hotel, stairs to get to the church, stairs to get to restaurants, stairs to go to the ruins, stairs to go the bathroom, stairs stairs stairs. Then some more stairs. If it ain't got stairs then it ain't worth going to. Those hours on the Stairmaster at home definitely were not wasted.

Wendy claims to have seen two women walked around Cusco in high heels. I cannot comprehend the depth on fashion-obsession that would require someone to attempt a difficult and potentially ankle-breaking journey through the cobblestones and stairs of Cusco on heels. But then there is much about women I don't understand.


This little girl was playing peekabo with us as we walked by, passing a slow afternoon I suppose. Well, I doubt she was playing peekabo. More likely it was some Spanish word I don't know.


Apparently the Simpsons are popular everywhere. I knew there was a Simpson's episode in Brazil, but I missed the Peruvian episode. Regrettably we never found out if The Simpsons has been translated in Quechua.


Everyone loves a swingset!


Peruvian pigeons are some of the most fearless I've seen. Probably something to do with surviving all the dogs that are running loose. But they're still scared of little kids.


Friends, Peruvians, pigeons, lend me your ear!


P is for Peru!


I'm crazy Peruvian guy, gimme some candy!

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