Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Heart Targus

Back in 2003 I bought a Targus laptop backpack to go with a new laptop. It turned out to be an excellent all-purpose backpack, so I've used it a lot over the years. In fact, it's seen almost daily use since then toting clothes, books, cameras and occasionally even a laptop. For a while I was routinely carrying over 40 pounds in it to work and back. That backpack was a real workhorse. It actually outlasted the laptop I bought it for, and handled the 17" replacement laptop quite handily.

A few weeks ago it finally had it's first failure. One of the stitches holding the strap buckle failed. My old friend was rendered a one-strap only backpack, a sort of awkward messenger bag.

After searching in vain for a local repair shop I discovered that Targus offers a lifetime warranty on their bags. So I mailed my faithful backpack off to them. Just today I received a shiny new replacement, even better than the original. The customer service along the way was exemplary -- they never gave me a minute's trouble and even notified me when they received my bag in the mail and sent a new one.

So here's to you, Targus. You rock!

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nicki0731 said...

Pretty sweet. I love it when a company's warranty actually covers something. My favorite bag is a messenger bag that is made out of seat-belt material. Super strong, but maybe not the most ergonomic. Luckily my laptop is rarely in it. :)