Monday, May 21, 2007

PPD 81

Wendy & I went for an after dinner walk this evening. As we walked past some bushes this kitten bounded out on his boundless energy and spring-loaded legs. He was a friendly little critter, readily running up next to us before losing interest and diving back into the bushes. Eventually he crawled under a fence and disappeared.


Nicki0731 said...

He? Did you do a quick anatomy check on your walk too? I am guessing the blue bell on HIS collar signifies HE belongs to someone. Too bad, I'm sure Mithril and Napalm would have enjoyed a new friend. (especially such a cool looking one - I could look at this cat for hours!)

BeaKeR said...

Maybe I did do a quick check! I did have my veterinary technician along.

OK, so we didn't, but until they invent a gender-neutral pronoun I'm going to keep using the male one as a default. Hey, go invent that gender-neutral pronoun and you'll make HERstory! :)

Also Wendy won't let me touch strange cats because apparently you can pick up cat diseases that way and bring them home. I don't think I could've gotten a hand on this little GUY anyway.