Monday, December 04, 2006

Firebug 1.0

Since I started working at Newsgator I've been doing a lot of Javascript development, as well as increasing amounts of HTML and CSS debugging. I quite frankly could not have done a lot of it without the help of the wonderful Firebug extension for Firefox. The combination of DOM inspector, Javascript error handling and debugging is simply unbeatable. I've since become so addicted to it that I've made our testers and support staff install it, because it's too painful debugging problems on their computers without it.

If Firebug was incredibly helpful before, the new 1.0 version makes it indispensible. Joe Hewitt and team have added great features like Javascript profiling, network traffic profiling, CSS profiling and more.

If you're a serious web developer and you're not using Firebug, I won't call you crazy. But I'll be thinking it.

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