Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Bunny Down!

The second of my recent WTF inducing encounters took place six blocks from home, beside a four story subsidized housing apartment complex. It’s actually a pretty nice building. It even has a balconies for some of the units.

As I walked by I heard a man call from above. “Hey, hey man, can you help me out?” he asked.

Normally that’s the prelude to that most common query of the street, “Got any change?” But not this time. Instead, it was a segue into an entirely different conversation. This time it was followed by “Can you throw me my shoe?”


Can I throw you a shoe?

Do I look like an Iraqi journalist?

Or maybe Random Task?

Evidently I do to some people.


Needless to say, I was a bit confused. But with a little coaching from on high I found the footwear in question, a bit off the sidewalk lying in a planter between some bushes. But it wasn’t really a shoe. It was more of a… well, it was a sort of… ok, it was fuzzy pink bunny slipper. Apparently they’re all the rage in the projects these days.

I’m still a little baffled how he lost it – the balconies have full walls, not just railings, all the way around. But he managed it. And now he wanted his wayward rodent footwear back.

I don’t throw change to people, but I will throw shoes. So I gamely tried to throw the fuzzy pink footwear up to that manly man trapped helplessly on his balcony.

Unfortunately, the floppy bunny ears had too much surface area, and the plush material had too little mass, so it would catch the air and fly off in a random direction. In other words, the adorable pink slippers wouldn’t go straight. After a few tries, culminating with a near landing in the busy street nearby, that macho muchacho above decided to leave the safety of his balcony to fetch his cute little wayward footwear himself. With luck it won’t try to hop to a pwecious wittle escape again.


nicki0731 said...

I'm sure your ninja turtle slippers are WAAAY more manly. Glad you found the most nerdy way to explain why the slipper wouldn't reach the balcony (when we all know you throw like a girl).
All that said, thanks for sharing. Awesome story telling once again. Please don't make us wait forever for the third installment!

BeaKeR said...

Hell yes they are! The Ninja Turtles totally kick ass, whereas pink bunnies are just girlie.