Sunday, March 29, 2009

Circling the Four Corners

Circling the Four Corners. It sounds like some kind of square dance move, maybe one they taught you in high school. Or, maybe the ceremony that witches do right before invoking the power the West Wind. But no, it’s actually the plan for our last vacation, a road trip to the Grand Canyon and New Mexico.

It was a great trip. We did a whole bunch of awesome cheesy stuff. We saw the Grand Canyon (it’s big), the Painted Desert (meh), and some old Route 66 spots. We even saw the Arizona Meteor Crater, reputed to be the world’s first proven and best preserved tourist trap. And we visited Los Alamos so Wendy could worship at the altar of the Oppenheimer.

Miscues were thankfully few and far between. I saw more snow on our hiking trip to the desert states than I did on my ski trip to the mountains. The entire Grand Canyon village lost power for a while, though thankfully the canyon itself continued to function normally. One of our hotel rooms had the scariest wiring I’ve ever seen - the lights turned on based on where we were on the bed. But really, nothing too bad happened.

Naturally we snapped an unreasonable number of photos along the way. I think it may have been 2117. More or less. So you can expect to be wading through those for roughly the next eternity or two.

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