Monday, March 30, 2009

Artistically Wired

I discovered a while back that I’m a lot more productive at a coffee shop than when I’m at home. I imagine it’s due to the lack of entertaining distractions like laundry, picking up the house, and removing friendly felines from my keyboard. It may have something to do with ingesting three or four quarts of coffee, but I don’t see how that could possibly be.

For the last year or so my favorite spot has been a little place on 19th called Fluid Coffee Bar. The people are friendly, the coffee is tasty and full of luscious caffeine, it’s walking distance from home, and almost every table has a power strip. That last one may sound odd, but it’s become crucial since my laptop’s battery has been so abused that it holds less juice than a double-A battery (seriously. I checked.)

To top it all off, they’ve now got some good art too. That’s right, they’re showing Wendy’s photos. I claimed to be her manager and said they couldn’t use hers unless they put mine up too, so they’ve got a couple of my photos up in a corner somewhere. They’re also showing some great work by other local (I think?) artists.

Fluid is hosting an official opening night type thing this Saturday, April 4th, complete with music and dance and whatnot. It should be a good time. Actually, the place is pretty small so the dance part may have to be on a table – even better!

So anyway, if you’re in the area on Saturday you should swing by, get wired on some way-above-my-head connoisseur artisan brewed coffee and find out if I was right about the dancers.


Fluid Flyer

Like the flier says, it’s on 19th & Penn. That’s in the Post Uptown apartment buildings, a block west of Chedd’s. I believe you can park in the garage on Pennsylvania for free, so you can’t use that as an excuse. You also can’t tell me you were too tired – they’ve got the cure for sleepiness in a convenient 16 ounce package. So no excuses!

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John Carmichael said...

Congrats... Wendy! TO you and your agent! I need to higher this guy obviously. Because my circulation is precisely 3 pics sold!