Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Machu Photos

Now I've covered pretty much the entire trip to Peru. Just the outlines of course, not all the little anecdotes or all the photos, not by far. So let's go back and check out some of that stuff. Here are a few more of our 1000+ photos from Machu Picchu...


I told you how Wendy is obsessed with llamas. Yes, that includes llama hineys.


And here we see where the obsession turned unhealthy. WTF Wendy?! I don't think the llama needs a prostate exam!


Here you can see the windy road up from Aguas Calientes. It's just barely wide enough for two buses to creep past each other. You can also see the Urubamba river flowing through the bottom of the valley.



A photo of me taking photos from one of the vantage points Wendy would not visit.


Wendy captured a nice slash of light the snuck through the clouds here. You can also see one of the trains, probably a Backpacker, at the bottom of the frame.


Windows in windows, another nifty Wendy photo.


Check out the steps on the outside of the wall. Anyone want to volunteer to try them out?


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