Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Machu

The llamas are very tame. Tame enough to eat around people, lie down around people, or do both at the same time. Which I had previously thought was a level of laziness only attained by humanity.

Since they are so tame I thought it was a good idea to go pet one. Yeah, not so much. They're also dirty as hell, and their thick fur is apparently home to an enormous swarm of biting insects which we dubbed Llama Flies (like a Horsefly, but with more "l"s). After I touched the llama they followed me around for 45 minutes. I had my own personal cloud, like Pig Pen from the Peanuts. They tore a dozen holes in me that took nearly a month to heal. So don't pet the llamas.



Some of the area can be tricky to navigate. The narrowest stairs I saw in Peru were down there. I don't think I could've gone down them, but thankfully I was going up them. And notice the NewsGator water bottle - I think I should get a commission on our first South American sale for all the marketing I did.


Yeah, it's a pretty flower. That's about it.


I'm crushing your ancient ruins!


Hm, I wonder where those ruins are?


Living large on the mountaintop.



Last one. I just like this photo.


nicki0731 said...

Ah, Pigpen, leaving the wildlife alone is a lesson apparently we all must learn firsthand. So you and Wendy are not going to start raising llamas in the backyard?

BeaKeR said...

Well they're not exactly "wildlife." I'm not sure there are any wild llamas -- it would be a little like a wild cow. There are wild vicunas though.

Please don't give Wendy any ideas about raising llamas. :)