Thursday, October 09, 2008


I think that's enough of rock piles and llamas for a while. Instead of the ancient world let's look at some modern aircraft from the Grand Junction Air Show. But before we go to the photos I'd like to thank John Carmichael and his buddy Ken for saving us some great seats right up front, not to mention being great company during the show. Without them I probably would not have many of these photos. Thanks John!


One of the F-18's parked in the "petting zoo." It also displays the pilot's typically... well, juvenile sense of humor. The pilots name is Richard Woodward, so naturally his callsign is "Dickwood."


A restored WW2 era B-25 Mitchell bomber. For you Milwaukeeans, they've got another one on a stick outside the airport. 


Old, meet new. Gene Soucy's stunt biplane flies past an F-16 from the Air Force Viper West Demo Team.


A member of the F-15 Strike Eagle Demo Team getting a move on. There's a nice motion blur on this one, but it's a bit hard to see at this size -- click through for a larger photo.


Gene Soucy again, this time with his wing-walking associate. She also moved around from the lower wing to the upper, did headstands, and all manner of other insanity.


The Blue Angels heading off into the distance. Note that there are actually four planes in this photo, the two in the middle are almost perfectly superimposed.


The Blue Angels flying close again. They actually closer together in the air than most people are when they walk down the street. Crazy.


I think the pilots actually high fived each other as they passed. Or possibly exchange some Grey Poupon.


More photos here. Also check out John's stuff. He's got a lot of good ones, but at least check out the rocket-launched C-130, incoming F-15, and the beast with two landing gear.

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