Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PPD 31

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Last weekend was the Taste of Colorado here in Denver, which is basically just a downtown festival for you out-of-towners. Sunday also happened to be a nearly perfect late fall day. Between the two of them, I actually managed to get a decent panoramic of downtown despite 3 hours of sleep and a respectable hangover (damn bachelor parties...)

The picture covers about 150 degrees, so it looks a little squashed. If you click through to the original size it'll look a bit better, or at least bigger. The stitching worked out quite well this time, except in the crowds where you'll see some ghosts if you look closely. Spooky... :)

Edits: Stitched
Taken: Sunday, September 3rd


Cash said...

Saweet shot man. Where were you positioned for this?

BeaKeR said...

On top of the parking garage on the SE corner of 14th & Lincoln. I had never even noticed it until then, but I was actually on a parking garage bike mission that day. I went up three or four that afternoon.