Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ming Dethroned

I wrote last week about the new photo on my mantle. What I didn't show you was the incredibly classy bit of art that was there before.

That's right, an original movie poster from the incredibly cheesy 1980 movie Flash Gordon. Nothing says class like the bald-headed alien overlord Ming the Merciless, especially with birdman warriors and floating castles! And of course the perfect topper to it all, the quote at the top: "Pathetic earthlings... WHO can save you now?" I wonder if it could be "Flash Gordon, quarterback, New York Jets?"

My brother got that poster for me as a Christmas present years ago. Flash Gordon is something of a cult favorite in our family for it's stupefyingly bad plot, acting and dialogue. So I actually do love the poster... maybe just not right there.

Normally I wouldn't have even thought to put it there, but when I was moving into the house I needed somewhere to put it that wouldn't be in the way. What better place than six feet up the wall? I thought it would come down in short order, but for whatever reason it sat there for almost 9 months, threatening my living room with destruction from the Planet Mongo. It was a surprisingly long reign, but all good things must come to an end.

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