Monday, June 05, 2006

Trip Part 2 - Monterey And Coastline

Now for the second part of my trip, which I promised in the previous posting. It's still "tomorrow", for very large values of one day. Yeah.

Anyway, Monterey was kind of unremarkable from a narrative perspective. We did a lot of driving along the coast, and took some fairly neat pictures. Saw some seals and/or sea lions sunning themselves, drove along 17 Mile Drive, flew a kite on Carmel beach. All in all quite pleasant, but in an unremarkable way. So instead of belaboring that point, here's a few pictures.

These flowers were all over the coastline in Monterey. This photo doesn't really do them justice - at night they were this incredibly saturdated, luminous purple. Sadly I didn't get a picture.

The trusty steed that carried us over 3350 miles in one week.

Just a pretty picture.

Me being attacked by the ocean.

See all the photos on my SmugMug gallery.

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