Tuesday, June 27, 2006

NewsGator Yahoo Plugin Released

The NewsGator plugin for the new version of Yahoo! Messenger has been released. It's a nifty panel that shows handpicked news, video and audio from around the web. You need to get the latest beta of Yahoo Messenger 8 from here, then you can download the plugin. Don't forget to rate it up!

It really is cool stuff, but honestly it's not the functionality that I'm psyched about. I'm mostly excited because it's running on some of my code, specifically the Buzzlets framework. This is probably the single most high-profile application I've ever been involved in, so it's really a landmark for me. But hopefully in the future I'll have some even more visible code.

Of course I'm just one of an entire team of people that put it together. Noel put together the UI, Brian Baker did the mockups, Demi & Darrin did the admin tools to create the custom feeds, Leland and AJ populate the feeds, and the entire Platform team handles the way-behind-the-scenes magic that makes everything possible. Still, it's nice to think there's a part of it that's all mine.

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