Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tonight's Favorite Feature: SmugMug Keywords

As I've been writing lately, I've acquired a SmugMug account and posted a bunch of pictures there. Of course I'm realistic - I know most of the pictures I posted aren't that great. Mostly they're there because Mom might want to see them (Hi Mom!) But for people that don't care about all the crappy pictures I took, I wanted to create a separate gallery of just the Good Stuff (or at least as good as my photos get).

After much rooting around I found the solution in the wonderful SmugMug forums: keywords. It seems SmugMug allows you to create virtual galleries (my phrase) based off of photo keywords. So I went through and tagged all my favorites with the same word, allowing anyone with too much time on their hands to see which of my photos I like with one relatively simple URL that won't change: http://bkr.smugmug.com/keyword/goodstuff.

Way to go SmugMug!

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