Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain and Shine

Sometimes I do things completely backwards. Saturday was cloudy all day, and raining in areas. No tornados for once, but still, a good day to spend inside. Instead I drove to where it was raining more and went for a hike. Yeah, I’m smart like that. But it was actually very pleasant, there wasn’t too much rain and the park was nearly deserted. Plus I didn’t have to drag along a water spritzer to get those cool water droplets on the flowers.



Sunday, on the other hand was a bright, sunshiney day. I got up bright and early, thanks to the cats who yowl when they’re lonely. (Aside: Not cool, cats! That’s how you end up on the receiving end of an airborne pillow). Anyway, a perfect day for a hike. So naturally I went to botanic gardens and then sat around inside all day. Makes perfect sense, right?



Ah well, at least I snapped a few photos. And they’re not chalk art, which is a nice change of pace. Speaking of chalk art, I’ll probably be getting back to that soon – Wendy’s got some good ones I want to post.

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