Monday, June 08, 2009

Chalk Art 2009

I think I may have become an “artie,” if not actually an art snob. I’ve been to enough of the annual art shows that I’ve started to recognize the art. Wendy and I went through the last festival in twenty minutes of “I remember him” and “seen that.”

That’s part of the reason I like the annual chalk art show. Last year’s art was washed away, this years is completely new, so you always get to see something new.

The other reason is that the artists themselves are out there all weekend. Most of them are quite gregarious. That may have something to do with sitting in the middle of the street for an entire weekend. But regardless, it’s unusual to get a chance to talk to the artist while they’re creating the art. Plus it makes a great photographic subject, which never hurts in my book.

Wendy & I got quite a few photos again this year, probably over 700 between us. It’ll take a little while to go through, but they should start showing up soon. In the meantime, I uploaded a few more to last year’s gallery.

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nicki0731 said...

So neat - definitely one of my favorite subjects that you post about!