Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Time

A widely known fact about my older brother is that he's got an interest in zombies. Well, that's not fair... it's really more of an unhealthy obsession with zombies. Naturally he's got a ridiculous amount of books and video games about zombies. So many books that he started shipping them to me, I guess to free up storage space.

I'm not one to let books and games go to waste, so I've been reading and playing them. Yes, I've been positively immersed in shambling waves of zombie "culture." So naturally when I was thinking of ideas for pumpkin carving, the first word that came to mind was "braaaaaiiiinnnnnssss!" Thus was unborn the undead zombie pumpkin!

Zombie pumpkins are a fearsome species that feast on the squishy innards of the living pumpkin. We've caught this zombie in the act of eating this poor victims succulent, brain-like guts.

Thankfully it's easy to spot these undead abominations by unhealthy green color and glowing red eyes. Keep an eye out for this unholy menace, and protect your pumpkins!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. It was worth the wait for a post. I hate giving you traffic when you do no work. :)

-MKE Jeff

Nicki0731 said...

hehe, I loved the previous comment. Well worth the wait! I apparently have no creative or artistic talent as I cheated and went with stencils this year.
Happy Halloween!