Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kart Racing

My fellow NewsGatorian and coworker Mark L is an avid kart racer, and he was nice enough to invite me out to the track today. I showed up a little bit late, but managed to shoot a couple cards worth of pictures while waiting for Mark's race.

Mark, driving the grey kart, #37, was doing quite well until his kart's drive chain slipped off. He managed to fix it himself while still on the track, burning his fingers in the process, and got back into the race. Unfortunately it was not meant to be -- the chain slipped again and got wound up inside the engine, knocking him out of the race. Better luck next time, Mark!

Check out the gallery for all 31 photos.

1 comment:

nicki0731 said...

Sweet pix. Bummer about Mark's drive chain, but looks fun to watch. I think I will stick to the WI Dells' no-helmet-required style go-karting.