Friday, December 15, 2006

Insult to Injury

Last weekend during a trip to Barnes & Noble, I happened to spot a book from the well known "... For Dummies" series. Normally I'm a fan of the series, in fact I've got several on my shelf. But this one I thought a bit inappropriate, for you see it was entitled "Depression For Dummies." And I couldn't help thinking to myself that the poor people reading it are already depressed, do they really need a book calling them dumb on top of it? Is that really going to help?

But then I thought about it a bit more, and decided that maybe it's a good tactic to encourage the depressed to get help (and possibly sell a few more copies). After all, they probably already think they're dumb, and hence the book is practically calling out to them.

1 comment:

Nick Bradbury said...

Wow. I thought you were joking, but a quick search of shows this is for real.

Can't wait for "Suicide for Dummies!"