Thursday, December 21, 2006

Frosty the Roofer

As probably every single one of you poor souls reading this knows already, Denver has been hit with a major blizzard. It's the worst blizzard since 2003. During that blizzard I was trapped in a one bedroom apartment with two out-of-state guests. This time I'm all by myself.

Of course when you're trapped at home by yourself, entertainment can be a problem. You can only spend so much time watching TV and playing with the cats. When that happens there's only one thing to do. Build a snowman on the roof. More pictures involving snow can be found here.

1 comment:

nicki0731 said...

You crack me up. You shovel the roof to remove the snow, but then build a snowman up there.
Is that left over trick or treat candy, or do you typically have a standing bowl of candy in the house? Quite an eclectic variety of candy I must say.
Someone left a suggestion about the placement of the carrot on your smugmug page, but I think the pebbles (?) used for the mouth look more like rabbit turds. (not that a bunny could move around in that amount of snow.) So what did you use for his stick arms? They look like non-functioning T-rex arms. How's he supposed to reach his old chub? Sorry you got stuck home alone. Let me know if the cats start talking back to you, I will send out a rescue squad...