Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is one of my favorite downtown scenes. I like the contrast of all the detail and classical architecture of the church contrasted against the flat modernism of the skyscraper behind it. Plus there's a lot of symbolism in the giant faceless tower with dark clouds behind it looming over the church. Not that I necessarily agree with that symbolism, but whatever :)

This is actually a picture I've taken a number of times, but it's surprisingly difficult to make it work out satisfactorily. I actually had to climb into the basement window well of the building across the street to get the angle.

Edits: Vertical stitch of three shots
Taken: Tuesday, August 1st


Dan B said...

This is a great pic (although I'd really like to see one of you peering out of the window well). One thing I really like about this scene is the way the outer edges of the sky scrapper have those alternating blocks of glass, and something that almost perfectly matches the color of the cathedral.
Did you use a fisheye lens? ...or did you do some sort of post-capture spherical effect?

Tim Bailen said...

Nice one Brian. Do you have a flickr account? I'd totally favorite this one.

Cash said...

fantastic shot!