Monday, August 28, 2006

PPD 26

I've just now decided that this week is going to be Urban Wildlife Week here on PPD. Partially because I think I'll definitely give Discovery Channel a run for their ratings, but mostly because that's what I happened to get pictures of today.

So continuing from yesterday's picture of a wittle bunny wabbit, today we have a picture of a squirrel in a window.

Taken: Monday, August 28th
Edits: Cropped, Color Balance Adjustment (reddened), Saturation Enhanced


Cash said...

Awesome.. pictures like this are all about timing; being in the right place at the right time, and smart enough to have camera in hand when you do so. Good shot.

BeaKeR said...

Sadly I didn't have the camera in hand -- if I had I would've gotten a better picture when he was in a different window. Unfortunately while I was getting the camera out he scaled the wall to that window (which was actually kinda cool to watch).

Tim said...

Brian, I know you're just buying squirrel statues from the local antique shop and putting them up in amusing places, but it's a cool shot anyway.

BeaKeR said...

Yeah, but those squirrel statues are expensive so I think I should still get credit

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