Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Step Away From The Camera

I went for two short photowalks today, and was confronted by security personnel three times. That’s a new personal record! But really, it’s pretty understandable. I am a pretty suspicious, scary lookin’ dude with my little camera bag and dirty orange baseball hat. And just look at these photos I took! Clearly they would be of inestimable value for corporate espionage, terrorist planning or your next Project Mayhem meeting.


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If only they hadn’t caught me, I would’ve been able to proceed with my plan to cut the support wires for this glass sculpture, dropping it on the fenced-off, deserted floor below.


My next dastardly scheme was to hide banana peels on these stairs, thus injuring unsuspecting passers-by. Then I was foiled by the security officer asking me if the support pillar (not pictured) was really that fascinating. Curses! (Though he didn’t actually ask me to leave, and admittedly I was sorta asking for it by taking pictures directly in front of the security desk.)


Here you see my most evil, villainous plot – picking all the pretty flowers so no one else could enjoy them! Mwaaahahahaha! Sadly my planning was again foiled by alert security personnel, who arrived a mere ten minutes after I started taking photos. Curses!


P.S. Despite my humorous tone above, I should point out that the security staff today were all very polite, apologetic even, and they’re just doing their jobs. Also, the property owners are well within their legal rights to disallow photography on their property. Today’s incidents were not nearly the most over-the-top encounters I’ve had with security – none of them shadowed me down the sidewalk or threatened to arrest me. Still, I think the restrictions are just a bit silly.


Tim Bailen said...

I salute you, intrepid adventurer! I really like the staircase photo.

BeaKeR said...

Thanks Tim!

Anonymous said...

Staircase is a great shot

Bill E