Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slushy Ramble

When I left work Friday it was warm and snowing through a thick overcast. The snow turned to slush on contact with anything solid, forming an inch of slurry on every horizontal surface. Each flake was big and fat, like a miniature snowball, and smacked audibly into the slurry on the sidewalks.



Most of the city’s denizens were heading straight from work to home, trying to get there with the minimum of snow on their heads and slurry in their shoes.


A couple of unfortunate women ventured out of their houses, demonstrating why I don’t own a dog – so they won’t drag me out in such weather. But then I was out in it anyway, so maybe that’s not much of an excuse.


The snow brings an uncommon peace to the city. All the sound is damped out and most of the pedestrians are in hiding. The effect is especially pronounced in the hidden corners of the city. Little courtyards and back alleys can feel like part of another world.





After an hour of re-exploring the snowy city I has shoes full of slush, a sodden hat and waterlogged gloves. I imagine I looked like an ambulatory snowdrift, shambling around with occasional pauses to snap a photo. But it was a damn fun photo walk.


A few more photos (click through for larger)


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