Saturday, September 06, 2008

... and we're back


Back from where? Peru. Wendy & I went for 12 days. Of course it could not help but be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip. We experienced a completely different culture, met new people, toured ancient ruins and even had some new alcoholic beverages.

We're not too much worse for the wear. I've got some huge bites from some kind of nasty insect that we've dubbed the Llama Fly, and had a brief bout of Inca's Revenge (much like Montezuma's Revenge, but Peruvian). Wendy's luggage has disappeared, most likely never to be seen again. She seems most broken up over what was apparently the best swimsuit ever produced. Between us we seem to have misplaced a few thousand dollars somewhere along the way. If you find it be sure to let me know.

We also took an absolutely ridiculous amount of pictures 3600 photos, over 40 GB worth. I'm only just getting a grip on this mass of photos, but I expect them to start showing up here sometime soon.

As great as the trip was, it's great to be back too. After a while you start to miss things like clean clothes, potable water, traffic laws, heating and the English language.


nicki0731 said...

Holy crap - what an awesome trip! 3600 photos is not easy to do, and I don't envy your upcoming task of sorting/editing. Can't wait to see them!
Did you actually drive around in the craziness? After being in Ecuador (taxi/hotel chauffers only) I had nightmares of driving there. Traffic accidents were the leading cause of death for young people there, not sure if it is still the same.

BeaKeR said...

Hell no we didn't drive around! We actually considered it while planning, because the tour book recommended that for one of the side trips we did. But after our first cab ride I was very glad we decided against it.

nicki0731 said...

Quite relieved to hear there is a limit to your craziness. I couldn't remember if you drove at all when you went to Brazil. What pulled you guys towards Peru? Just realized I could/should probably email this, but now I already have this open and am too lazy to open up email.

BeaKeR said...

Why Peru... well, pretty much Machu Picchu was initial reason. But really it's a great country with a lot to see and do, once you start doing the research.