Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Upcoming Biking Events

There are a couple great biking events coming up in Denver in July. If anyone is planning to go to either of them drop me a line.

July 19th is the Moonlight Classic. We did this one last year, and it was a blast. It's not a race at all, more like a really big group ride. Last year I was a bit too goal oriented, so we got through the race very quickly. This year the plan is to hopefully have more people, take it slower, and have a good time. I noticed that a lot of people turned it into a barhopping excursion, which might be fun. Drinking and biking around at night, what could possibly go wrong?

July 27th is the Urban Assault Race (in Denver - they go to other cities including Minneapolis, Madison and Chicago). We've done this two years now, and it's been a blast both times. It very definitely is a bike race, but with lots of goofy checkpoint activities thrown in, and some scavenger-hunt trivia games thrown in as well. If you're good at the checkpoint challenges you can definitely make up for less-than-stellar biking ability. You need a partner for this one, so plan ahead.

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