Tuesday, February 12, 2008


All the fortune cookies I've ever gotten were fairly general. "You will have financial success", "A new person will enter your life soon", "The bill will be larger than you expected", that sort of thing.

But last night's fortune said "You will inherit a gold mine in Africa". That fortune writer must've had a really good crystal ball!

Anybody else get a really specific or just plain strange fortune?


Anonymous said...

There was a place I used to go in Dallas where I got the fortune "Your car will be trouble free for the next 40,000 miles". They got that one wrong. A few months ago I got one that said "You will retire in the best part of Switzerland", which is a nice thing to look forward to.

Nicki0731 said...

wow, add the comical "in bed" to the end of yours and the tense certainly changes. Beats getting that gold mine in a bad game of poker I guess.
My fortunes have not been very promising nor specific lately...